Over 76 million Americans have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and an estimated 79 million have prediabetes, both silent agents of destruction. Often, we think of chronic disease as a nuisance or an early cause of death when in truth it shortens our earning potential while raising our health care costs. Simple and effective lifestyle strategies can turn around diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, benefiting both the individual and the organizations for which they work.

Employers know that the most effective programs are those that have full buy-in from their employees. The key to improving participation in wellness programs, and ROI for the organization, is the motivation that comes from a clear understanding that the benefits of feeling well, having energy, and enjoying life will be greater than the cost of change.

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Meet Dr. Diane Longstreet

Rarely do you meet a speaker that is a PhD nutritionist that is also a hypnotherapist. Dr. Longstreet translates real science into real life, giving real techniques for action.

Presentations focus on strategies that have been field-tested over 35 years of community-based work in USA and Australia. Unique is her ability to guide self-hypnosis from the stage, helping to break the barriers to behavior change. Dr. Longstreet brings a message of hope; that living life well is doable, simple, and easy when you align subconscious with conscious mind.

When not presenting informative and inspirational keynotes to audiences locally and overseas, Dr. Longstreet continues her research on effective health change. An avid dancer and nature lover, she practices the life balance that she teaches.


Meet Dr. Diane Longstreet

Lifestyle Doctor® Popular Presentation Topics

“Thank you for being our keynote speaker. Your presentation was the perfect message for the start of the seminar. The feedback we have received has been very positive.”

B. Scarbrook, Director of Professional Development, Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas County

“We loved your presentation on Obesity Prevention. Your passion was evident, your research interesting, and your information inspiring.”

S. Gellens, Executive Director, Florida AEYC

“Your presentation was inspiring… I’ve been losing weight since then, almost without trying.”

Dr. M. Cazort, Adjunct Professor, Business Management

“You are a wonderful motivational speaker. You’ve changed my life. I’ve dropped seven pounds and a dress size. I look like a different person. It’s wonderful to be happy…”

N. Ray, retired teacher, attended Healing High Blood Pressure Naturally

“You left us energized and ready to start living well now. Thanks, Diane!”

M. Walsh, Director, Sabal Park Chamber of Commerce



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