How do you feel in your bathing suit?

I confess. I have spent most of my life being self-conscious about my weight. Swimsuit season is the worst. There are many masterful ways to dress for work that hide the extra pounds on waist and thighs, but bathing suits are not forgiving. Why do so many of us wait until summer to regret the caloric binge from Thanksgiving to Easter? Why does it take the shock of trying on swimsuits in the cruel light of a dressing room to make us aware?

Normal is what we get used to. With about 70% of our population being overweight or obese, that is, unfortunately, normal. Instead of opting for elastic waistbands and spandex in our blue jeans, we need the feedback to know we are in terrible trouble. We need the reality check of a swimsuit to face the fact we are not in the shape we need to be to enjoy a long healthy life.

I challenge you to put yourself on a scale. The Body Mass Index (BMI) still works as good starting point. The calculation is weight in pounds divided by your height in inches divided a second time by your height in inches. (Wt# ÷ Ht” ÷ Ht’ = BMI). Normal BMI is 18.5 to 24.9. If your weight is not normal then let yourself be shocked. Let your shock move you into motivation.

Take the challenge. Get those swimsuits on, face the discomfort of your personal reality check, be thankful for what health you have today, then do some laps instead of floating on a noodle.

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