Why do we eat what we do?

Why is overeating so easy?

My theory is we have become so accustomed to food advertising we have lost awareness of how much it stimulates us to eat. We are consistently bombarded with messages to consume more. Our environments are laden with cheap, convenient, and copious amounts of calorically dense “food”. Much of what fills our grocery carts no longer resemble the simple foodstuffs which are foundational to a healthy life. And for those of us who have had the pleasure eating really fresh fruits and vegetable, the produce in our grocery stores just doesn’t taste the same. The breeding of vegetables and fruits for ease of picking, transport, and shelf life has not been kind to retaining flavor. In contrast, packaged foods are heavily researched to be intensely flavorful so we will want to eat more. It’s not a conspiracy; it is capitalism.

In summary, our food environment makes it easier to overeat especially of “food” that does not foster health. Blaming the past or blaming the environment or even blaming our overwhelm of the current situation does not get us to a successful sustainable strategy for health. No single person has all the answers. We need to help each other and ourselves back to health. We need to help each other find the varieties of vegetables and fruits that taste the way they are supposed to. If you have some suggestions, let’s hear them!

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