Starting Over

What does it take to start over? Whether it’s starting over on a failed New Year’s resolution or from some personal disaster, starting over requires a similar process. When it feels like something in your life has hit you hard, pause to remember. You really do know how to peel yourself off the mat and keep on fighting.

I am now in a time of starting over. When my sister died, she was the last of my closest family. Father, mother, brother, sister; all died from preventable chronic diseases. There was no lack of knowledge. Each member of my family had their own experience of trying to choose healthy habits, trying to break self-destructive addictions. What made me different? How was I able to let go of smoking when the rest of my family could not? What made me look for and find fun in being physically active? What made me keep experimenting with healthy foods until the good-for-you-stuff tasted delicious to me? What made me keep trying while they gave up? That essential element is the difference between me being alive and the rest of my family being dead. With fresh grief, I peel myself up off the mat and start again. I wasn’t able to help them. You, who are reading this now, perhaps I can help you?

The first step is a decision. However small or large the starting over, you have to decide to pick yourself up and start. Decide to live. Please decide your life is worth the effort to live longer, to live healthier.

The second step is to learn from your experience. There is something to be learned every time you fall down. Learn what will work for you in your life. If one strategy didn’t work, try a different approach. Please keep learning and trying. Your life depends on it.

The third step is to take action. Even small steps help. Focus on your breathing to help with stress. Drinking more water to hydrate your brain and body. Chewing your food slowly so you can taste what you are eating and digest it better. Little steps help. Big steps help even more.

Please start today. Tomorrow will come, but it might be without you…

I thank you for listening.


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