Hypnosis – for stress relief, and more…

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural experience of relaxed focused attention.

The trance states associated with hypnosis are the same normal states of mind we drift through before we fall asleep or when we awake. Have you ever lingered in that cozy place, where your mind is drifting, not thinking? Have you ever day-dreamed; been so relaxed yet focused on your dream that you lost sense of time? That state, called Alpha, is a form of trance. It is 100% natural.

Have you ever driven someplace and then realized you didn’t actually remember the act of driving? That is also an Alpha trance. Your subconscious mind is using routine programming and muscle memory to drive. If you needed to pay attention, for example if another driver starts to swerve into your lane, you would have become immediately alert. Your subconscious mind will keep you safe from any type of harm.

Hypnosis is an intentional use of that altered state of focused awareness in a way that can improve your health on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Hypnosis has been used successfully for many conditions from pain management, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptom relief, to personal improvement.

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How does hypnosis work?

What hypnosis does is allow you – your subconscious mind – to facilitate and accelerate the changes that your conscious mind wants to accomplish.

Hypnosis intentionally creates a trance state, a relaxed focused state of mind, which can allow the subconscious mind be more open to helpful suggestions. What makes hypnosis different is that you, the participant, choose a purpose. You consciously permit the relaxed yet focused awareness and use the language of the subconscious to achieve your purpose.

You can have hypnosis facilitated by a hypnotist or hypnotherapist. Self-hypnosis is where you guide yourself.

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Is Hypnosis Safe?

Yes. Just like your subconscious mind runs the body functions that keep you alive, it also acts to keep you safe from any type of harm.

No one under hypnosis can be induced to do or say anything against his or her will. Hypnosis will not let someone else control you. Your subconscious will not let you say or do anything that is against a strongly held moral code of conduct nor put you in danger.

Even the stage hypnotists cannot make a person quack like a duck or stand on their head against their will. In volunteering to come up on stage they have agreed to play the part and be part of the show whether they consciously admit it or not. In fact, for some people, being part of a hypnosis show gives them an excuse to act out and not take responsibility for their behavior. The “mind control” is still with the participant, not the hypnotist.

For every crazy thing you may have seen with stage hypnotists, remember the people on the stage volunteered to be there and will voluntarily act out up to their own personal limits of silliness.

In a very real sense the hypnotist is a ticket agent and tour guide for your experience. You will only go where you want and are ready to go.

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Why should we consider hypnosis for health?

Have you ever wondered why you find yourself standing in front of an open refrigerator looking for food when you are not hungry? That is another trance state!

One of the biggest roles of a hypnotherapist is undoing the counter-productive programming of unintentional hypnosis.

Every time you have the television or radio running in the background there is the potential that the content of advertising might slip past the critical evaluation of your conscious mind. In effect, you have given permission for the advertising to speak directly to your unconscious, laying down “programming” to consume more. This may or may not be one of many layers of barriers people have encountered to putting into practice what they know and want to do for their health.

It has also been suggested that hypnotic suggestion may be a significant part of what is known as the “placebo effect”, that believing that something works will in fact make it work. The placebo effect can increase the effectiveness of treatments by 30% or more. To use this effect for personal improvement has merit.

Some have suggested that the power of prayer is in fact another application of a trance-like state.

To fear hypnosis means you do not understand what it is. It is simply a tool that can be used. Used properly, it can be effective and most beneficial.

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What is Hypnosis like?

Every time you are hypnotized it will most likely seem different because what you and your subconscious are wanting to accomplish will be different every time.

Hypnosis starts with establishing a goal, an agreement, for the purpose of hypnotherapy. Beginning discussion covers questions or concerns, and confirms readiness. The process involves guidance towards relaxed awareness. Visualization and imagination is used as it is the language of the subconscious.

The most common experience is to feel profoundly relaxed. People remember as much of the experience as they choose to remember. People can be hypnotized with eyes open or with eyes closed. People might move or might feel so relaxed that they choose not to move. People cannot get lost in a trance; at the very “worst” they fall asleep. At the end people feel rested, relaxed, and ready to go again. It’s a very pleasant experience.

How soon does the hypnotic message take effect?

How quickly a person experiences results from hypnosis depends on motivation, commitment, and how quickly results are wanted.

The one thing a person can do to sabotage the hypnosis is to consciously say it will not work. The subconscious will follow the instruction to ignore what was received under hypnosis. By the way, this is exactly how you personally can prevent advertising and marketing interfering with your choice; simply decide not to let it affect you, and reaffirm that conviction as needed.

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